What things should we keep in mind while making a kitchen?

    First of all, we should take care that the room is ventilated and fully cross-ventilated because the kitchen where the air flow is good, the growth of insects and termites etc. is difficult, so the window in the kitchen. Must have.
    To make a good kitchen it is better to design it first, it is better if you do it with a good kitchen designer, while planning you should take care that the hob, sink and fridge are suitable. Be in place, and these three things should be no less than seven feet and no more than fifteen feet apart. It is better if the sink is under a window, because the sun and wind keep the place dry and the dishes dry quickly. And the development of insects is also difficult.
    Generally, people stand the kitchen cabinet on a cement plinth, one of its disadvantages is that if water leaks, it accumulates on the plinth and damages the rest of the cabinet, so if the kitchen is on legs It is better if it is standing, but if you want to stand on the plinth, then it is more suitable to build cement walls around the sink cabinet and install tiles inside.
    The tile work on the kitchen floor should be completed before the kitchen is built, however, the wall tiles should be installed after the cabinets and marble are fixed so that the work top gets stuck between the cabinets and the tiles and water does not damage the cabinets.
    Most of the kitchens around the world are made of M.D.F (MEDIAM DENSITY FIBERBOARD), which is called Lasani in Pakistan, it gives good finishing, but the doors can be of different materials, including lamination, formica, wood, glass, polyester, paint. And many materials are included.
  6. Work top
    Kitchen worktop If your kitchen is practical then granite is the best and if it is black in color because it does not absorb water and marks are hard to come on it, you can also use corian but The chances of getting a mark on it are more.
    Hopefully, if you take care of all these things while building a kitchen, your kitchen will look good and you will enjoy it for a long time.