Kitchen Doors Materials Made in Karachi Pakistan.

You should know that generally the kitchens that are popular whether it is polyester or lamination or formica has an outer door, inside almost all the materials are the same which is laminated. Lathani is called M.D.F means MEDIUM DENSITY FIBERBOARD, let us know which materials are famous in Karachi.

  1. Polyester kitchen.
    This kitchen comes in HIGH GLOSS finish and is very durable, it can be cleaned easily even if it gets marks, you can also color it according to your choice, it is a very successful material in high gloss material.
  2. PVC lamination kitchen.
    In this, a thin layer of PVC is pressed by machines on M.D.F. It is also a very successful material, but its drawback is that if there is a scratch, then it is not easily cleaned, but light marks can be cleaned. go
  3. Glass kitchen.
    These kitchens are quite famous nowadays but they are the most expensive kitchens and are considered as luxury kitchens, these kitchens have to be used very carefully but they look great.
  4. Formica kitchen.
    This design is quite old, once it was quite popular but now it is old and also the formica can come off.
  5. Wooden kitchen.
    This so-called tradition kitchen may never end, but due to the high cost of wood, it is now almost out of purchasing power.
  6. Lamination Kitchen.
    This kitchen is very common and we can say that it is the cheapest kitchen, its maintenance is also the easiest and it is mostly used in grease kitchen. This is the best material.
  7. Aluminum kitchen.
    • These kitchens are rare in pakistan because its manufacturing is very difficult and also its looks not too much decent and beautiful.