Trends for modern kitchens design in 2022

When it comes to the kitchen, some things are timeless — you want it to be clean, you want it to be functional, and you want it to be comfortable. Perhaps you’d love a fashionable kitchen island, a bigger cooker, statement splashback, or a whole new color scheme. Or maybe you only know what you don’t want and are after some inspiration? Every year brings a unique mix of kitchen ideas to make your space is most stylish. Kitchens manufacturers in Karachi always try to bring out the best material and quality designs for your kitchen and its renovation.
Kitchens have never worked harder, as we spend more time at home than ever before – and use the space to adapt to a new way of living. Our kitchens seem to be evolving from doubling up as open-plan living rooms to makeshift home offices. Whether you’re dreaming of a sleek new kitchen or you’re looking for some design inspiration for a bit of spruce up, we’ve rounded up 3 of the top kitchen trends for 2022. Add these trends to your space by visiting kitchen shops in Karachi.
Keeping it Concealed
Small space living gives way to even more kitchen innovation. This chic open-plan space conceals the cooking area with chameleon-like skill, allowing the focus to be on entertaining. Maximizing the feeling of spaciousness by uniting cooking, dining, and relaxing into one glorious, light-filled room – here, an uninviting and small kitchen was demolished in favor of a big living room with the kitchen tucked discreetly at one end. Best kitchens in Karachi are sticking to this trend to make it more modernized.
Red Rules
Red is the somewhat surprising shade for kitchens in 2022. Colorful Kitchens are set to be a massive trend for 2022 as we spend more time indoors looking for a color to enhance our mood. It seems like we’ve been staring at the same four walls for some time now; 2022 is all about taking risks with interiors, creating a new and very different feeling environment. Homeowners will be looking to experiment and introduce new bolder shades that bring their kitchen to life, marking the red color as the ruling one among the other colors. Best kitchen companies in Karachi provide you with a wide range of red color shades and schemes, which will give you many options.
Dark surfaces
Our kitchens are following the fashion for taking surfaces to the dark side. The trend for dark surfaces has emerged due to the shift towards two-tone kitchens. Dark worktops and countertops can be offset by lighter furniture and bright ‘color pops’ to ensure they work in any sized room and create an air of luxury and sophistication. Renovation of a kitchen in Karachi has led to choosing dark surfaces as the best renovation trend for kitchens. Particularly when combined with textured woods to add a rustic, homely charm, kitchen supplies in Karachi use dark surfaces as the new trend of 2022.