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Awesome kitchens is a kitchens & wardrobes manufacturing company
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Awesome kitchens & Wardrobes is a company that will provide high quality
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About Awesome Kitchens

Awesome kitchens & wardrobes is a kitchens & wardrobes manufacturing company.

Awesome kitchens & Wardrobes is a company that will provide high quality and beautiful kitchens manufacturing services to it’s clients. It is also provides commercial kitchens equipments for  hotels, restaurants and institutions. We can also provide office furniture, hospitals furniture related to wood and all types of cabinets.  Awesome kitchens is scheduled to begin operations on January 20, 2012. Owned and operated by Hasan  Mujtaba.
Mujtaba have left their respective jobs in order to specialize in Kitchen designing & sales to residential and commercial clients.
Mujtaba’s previous employment was with reputable and well known firms acting as an sales officer.
Awesome kitchens will target small to large sized homes.

Request Quote: sales@awesomekitchens.co.nz


Awesome kitchens & wardrobes is a kitchens & wardrobes manufacturing company.

Sharing Your Ideas

Your objectives will be heard in our first appointment. We will ensure that we collect all the information required to come up with a suitable plan to meet your budget and requirements.

Providing Free Design And Quote

We will provide you with 3D images of your kitchen. Free quote will be provided based on the desired design and materials.

Completing Onsite Measurement

Site measurement will be taken once you have confirmed the quotation and signed the agreement.

Delivery And Installation

Kitchen cabinets will be delivered and installed on the arranged date.


Awesome kitchens & wardrobes is a kitchens & wardrobes manufacturing company.

I have had a great experience with Awesome Kitchens. I wanted to develop a customized kitchen for my home and researched for several days. After surveying almost all big names and providers, I was referred to Awesome Kitchens by a friend. Their services are top notch and very reasonably priced. Highly recommended.
Faisal Arshad


Awesome kitchens & wardrobes is a kitchens & wardrobes manufacturing company.

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