When you plan to make a pkitchen then first you made kitchen plinth and It is a million-dollar question whether kitchen cabinets should be on legs or a platform. In Pakistan, most people prefer their kitchens to be on a platform (called a “chabootra” or “thalla”) because they think that legs cannot bear the weight of the cabinets. However, this is not true, as the weight of the worktop (usually made of granite) and the cabinet is distributed among all the cabinets and legs, which can easily bear the weight. On the other hand, a disadvantage of a platform is that if water leaks from the cabinets, it can stay on the platform and damage the cabinets. In contrast, with legs, water cannot stay anywhere and falls directly onto the floor, preventing cabinet damage.

There are some beautiful and smart legs available in Karachi, Pakistan, made of plastic or steel, although steel is recommended. You can also fix aluminum footing in front of the legs to hide them, which is the best solution and commonly used in imported kitchens.”