As you know kitchen is the heart of your home and it is compulsory to use equipments while you are working in a kitchen, here in karachi, pakistan there are several equipments are use in a kitchen but now we will discuss some of important gadgets and also if these all of gadgets will be same company that is much better.
1- HOB
This is very important and very usefull gadget, kitchen is not complete without it, this is actually burners, it can be a collection of some burners which can be one, two, three and five but in pakistan 3 burners hob is very common actually if you select five burners hob then it could not be use all burners as same time because your pans will be hitted with each others, you should keep remember that when you choose a kitchen hob that it should be more big size and some distance in burners with each others because cooking will be easily and also if burners grill will be in cost iron that will be better, ignition and safety device is your choice but it is comfort and seccure to use a hob and also now a days some burners features included cooking timmer, most of stylish models are using in hobs are glass hobs but it can be break if you want a practical hob yhen it is better that you use stainlesss steel hob with cost iron grills.
2- EXHAUST HOOD (Extractor)
This is very necessary in a kitchen that you use exhaust hood because there are so funes and smoke while you are cooking and it is necessary thay it should be go outside otherwise your kitchen cabinets and walls of kitchens will be dirty, it is remember that you should must ducting pipe for through smoke and fumes to outside now a minimum range of ducting pipe comes with a hood but you can be need a extention for it its depends on the outside area of your kitchen and you will not forget to use a net to outside otherwise birds and insects can be enter in a ducting. there are several models available in pakistan manual and automatic if you use a practical kitche then a manual function of hood is better and the blower of hood should be more powerfull and the mentinance and cleaning of exhaust should be easy because in our pakistani lifestyle there are so many oils and ghee are use.
It was very common in a past because the hob (Burners) and Oven join together in a cooking range but now a days it is very rare because hob is perfect and packed with every sides and garbage can not go from its sides this is not possible in a cooking range.
Now a days this is very common in a pakistani society because its looks perfect and its on your eye level you are not bend of your waist while you are backing or grilling, in karachi pakistan there are several style availables here with fully electric and fully gas and half electric and half gas but there is a shortage of gas fully electric oven is better, there are so many functions available with timmer, it is better that you purchase a oven with back side of rotating fan because its keep equal of warm air in a oven every sides of inside and your food item will be bake or grill with every side.
Free standing microwave is very common in pakistan but built-in microwave will be inhance of your kitchen looks and your kitchen work place place will be free because its comes in a cabinet with oven mostly.