When determining the height of a kitchen worktop in Pakistan, it is important to consider the convenience and comfort of the individuals using the kitchen, particularly women who often spend significant time working in this area. While there is no universal standard, the following guidelines can be helpful:

  1. Average Height: Considering that the average height of Pakistani women is generally shorter compared to some other countries, a worktop height of 34 inches from the finished floor level is often recommended. This height allows for comfortable food preparation and reduces strain on the back and arms.
  2. Personal Considerations: If you and your wife are taller than average, you may consider raising the worktop height slightly to 36 inches. This adjustment can accommodate taller individuals and ensure ergonomic comfort during kitchen activities.
  3. International Practices: In the United States, where people tend to be taller on average, a standard worktop height of 34 inches is commonly used. In Europe, various companies and individuals may have different preferences, but 34 inches is a typical height.

Ultimately, the decision on the height of your kitchen worktop should be based on your personal preferences and the comfort of those who will be using it. Consider the average height of the individuals using the kitchen and make adjustments accordingly. It is essential to prioritize ergonomics and create a workspace that minimizes strain on the body, particularly the back and arms.