10 Trending Kitchen Island Base Colors for a Low-budget Kitchen Makeover

Everyone wants a simple and affordable trick to make sure that their renovation of kitchen in Karachi gives a whole new look to their interior. Living in a joint family, kitchen islands provide space for preparing meals and even serving quick snacks to children. Couples who’re trying to space in a small home can skip the dining table and just enjoy meals on the kitchen island. Your kitchen island can be the focal point of your interior and switching the color of its base is a smart way to refresh the vibe of your kitchen. Select the color and finish of the base of your kitchen island keeping in mind the color scheme and style of your interior.

Soft mint
Going by the popularity of pastels in recent years, some of the best kitchens in Karachi have soft mint table clothes, island bases, curtains, dinnerware, and more. Light shades of mint work well with white kitchens and light-colored woods.
Dove grey
Those who aren’t eager to experiment with color for their kitchen island and want to maintain a subdued feel can try dove grey for the base. You could place colorful fruit or flower baskets on your island.
You’ll have seen a chocolate-inspired palette from the best kitchen companies in Karachi because It allows room to play with other kinds of décor. It’s a relatively safe choice and suits darker cabinets too.
Lime green
Not for the faint of heart, dull lime green is ideal for those who can’t stand boring colors for their interior design. Keep everything else simple while you paint the base of your island in this unique shade.
Deep navy
Those who love darker shades in cabinetry and tables, but also want something lively will love a deep navy for their kitchen island’s base. Leading kitchens manufacturers in Karachi recommend classic navy blue.

Sun glow yellow
There’s no better way to give your home a summer-y feel than painting your kitchen island yellow at the bottom. Instead of choosing a primary yellow or bright lemon, opt for a gentler sunglow yellow and pair it with white.
Iron grey
An excellent alternative to black and cold steel blue, iron grey looks sophisticated without giving off a clinical feel. You can find various tones of iron grey and matching warm toned accessories at kitchen shops in Karachi.
Powder blue
Do you love pastels, but struggle to balance your fantasies with a contemporary look? Powder blue is a suitable choice for a white kitchen that has dark cabinets in a deeper shade of blue and pops of color here and there.
Rich plum
People who prefer winters over summers will like different shades of purple, particularly plum, for painting their kitchen island’s lower half. Keep your island the highlight and look for complementary kitchen supplies in Karachi for it.
Sea green
You can’t live in a coastal city and not feel drawn to the natural colors of the ocean like sea green. Select wood varieties that match sea green and keep the rest mostly white for a fresh appearance.